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We believe there is a listening crisis among too many of today’s leaders. We’re constantly on the go, with our focus splintered between many tasks at once. Too many of us aren’t taking a beat to actually listen to our clients, teams, and even ourselves. This listening crisis can create a disconnect that may separate you and your team from your greatest potential.

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Masters in Business Administration with Honors from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Concentrations in General Management and Marketing.


International Coaches Federation accredited program from Coaches Training Institute.


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How leadership resonates

Becoming a stronger leader is more than just personal betterment—its impact extends beyond the individual or team, resonating across every aspect of your business. From a more engaged company culture to an increased bottom line, research studies on executive coaching and leadership development have found a wide range of benefits for businesses that truly invest in it. In fact, companies that implement leadership development programs have reported massive returns on their investment.

Audira’s coaching and leadership programs take this a step farther. By baking in aural performance and active listening exercises to our workshops, we harness the power of music to inspire collaboration, cultivate accountability, and align individual performance with organizational purpose.

The power of our music-fueled workshops isn’t just based on our own experience—music has been proven to stimulate and strengthen the neural pathways in the brain. Researchers at Johns Hopkins famously conducted a study asking jazz musicians to perform while undergoing an fMRI. While observing neural activity during their performances, the researchers discovered that music activated the same parts of the brain we use to listen, learn, and make leadership decisions.

The groundbreaking Johns Hopkins study isn’t the only research that’s uncovered the power of active listening. Download our stat sheet below and discover how listening, emotional intelligence, coaching, and leadership development can benefit you and your organization.

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Engaged Companies Grow Profits as Much as
Faster than Competition
Millennial Turnover Costs Companies Over
Billion Annually
Executives Estimate an ROI of Over
Their Initial Investment

To see full citations of above stats, please download the “Value of Leadership” paper above.

Sharps and Flats from Our Blog

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Audience Reactions

Life changing and transformative.

Mac O'BrienBrand Marketing

Stephen gave me the tools to focus on what I wanted, stick with what I valued, and navigate the process from research to negotiation of offers. He helped me discover insights about myself, my career, and the story I would tell potential employers. I wholeheartedly recommend Stephen as an executive coach.

Jeremy VannattaVP, Partnerships, Health Perspectives Group

Stephen led our team at Northern Trust through a highly engaging and actionable presentation on the keys to effective communication. We look forward to using these principles to help build on our internal & external communication techniques going forward. I would recommend Stephen to any leader, team or organization seeking a highly effective leadership facilitator and coach.

Thomas G. WischhusenSVP & Managing Director, Wealth Management, Northern Trust

Stephen did a phenomenal job taking our 200+ team members on a journey of self-discovery... He masterfully tied the world of music to the business world in portraying how a person can create impact in their company by becoming a 'conductor of their own orchestra.' We all have the power and passion to create positive change - we just need to overcome the fear and give ourselves permission to lead and inspire others to make this world a better place.

Svetlana BeazleyProcurement Category Manager, Walgreens

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