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If there was ever a time when we needed to re-connect and re-engage with a little inspiration, now is the time. Audira’s CEO & Founder, Stephen Kohler, is an executive coach, a former Fortune 100 executive, and a guest workshop leader at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Most importantly, Stephen is an engaging speaker and musician who can elevate your organization’s sense of purpose, performance, and fun.

Drawing on the parallels between music and leadership, Stephen loves to explore the art of listening and other critical leadership topics like collaboration, alignment, and accountability. Using music to deliver new, creative perspectives and connections for your organization, Stephen allows audiences to re-imagine leadership. And as the famous German composer, Richard Wagner once said, “Imagination creates reality.”

As we forge into our new normal, if the leaders in your organization could use an anthem to rally behind, please reach out to discuss how we can customize a speaking engagement for you.  We look forward to jamming with you soon.


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Virtual or In-Person Speaking Engagement

Whether you are in need of a virtual or in-person speaking engagement (as conditions permit), Audira offers flexibility in the delivery model. Likewise, speaking engagements can include a full band to demonstrate various leadership concepts or just Stephen and a guitar, depending on your budget.

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Listening, Collaboration, Alignment, Accountability and More

At Audira, we believe that listening is a foundation for leadership, so all of Stephen’s speeches will address this critical pillar. Unlike many speakers, though, Stephen works to craft content that is important to your organization. Whether your company struggles with collaboration and needs to harmonize better or if you need to improve alignment by locking into a groove, he has plenty of music-infused content to address these key issues and more.

Walking out of these sessions with Audira, every person on the team had identified one takeaway that they wanted to work on. Stephen's music-based sessions were energizing, fun, and revealing -- about both myself and others. I have done a lot of team workshops and Audira's program stands out as different, impactful, and just what a pandemic-weary team craving connection and collaboration needs.

Rosa GreenwoodVice President of Human Resources, Rust-Oleum

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