Organizational Strategy

Can the Drummer Sing Lead Vocals?

You may have a corporate strategy, but do you have the right people in the right places to execute it? Who is your next virtuoso and is that person being prepared, positioned, and primed for growth? What is your succession plan? Is your corporate culture able to respond to the disruption in your industry? What can a coaching culture do for your organization?

All of these are common questions that leaders struggle with when it comes to organizational strategy. Audira’s CEO & founder, Stephen Kohler, brings years of experience in both Corporate Strategy and Coaching to the task of unravelling the “human” challenges of how to put the right people in the right places and have them all performing in harmony.

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Talent Management & Planning

We offer a systematic approach to identifying, training, and motivating your rising rock stars, formulating a succession plan and creating leadership development opportunities along the way. It’s more than just facilitating smooth internal transitions—it’s the best way to retain your top performing team members.

Organizational Design

The symphony only works when everyone knows their part. Our organizational design strategy appraises and solidifies broader corporate structures while clarifying individual roles & responsibilities. While ideal for companies in the midst of an acquisition or merger, our organizational services are helpful for any organization looking to boost efficiency and focus.

Coaching Culture Development

The most effective organizations have a coaching culture that encourages leaders to instill role-modelling and mentorship to their teams. Train your leaders to develop a corporate coaching mindset and watch performance, engagement, and employee retention soar.

I look forward to working again with Stephen! Our debriefs after business meetings were very helpful for me in crafting a solid brand for myself. I always left our sessions energized and thinking a lot more clearly about what my immediate next steps were and how that fit with my long range goals.

Brad HartmanSr Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Mgr

Case Study: Organizational Strategy

Jim Dugan

Every company experiences growing pains at some point, but when that scaling happens at an accelerated rate, it can mean serious trouble for an unprepared business. That’s what rapidly growing tech company Jetwave Wireless was hoping to avoid when they sought Audira’s organizational strategy services.

Looking to clarify their strategic direction and long-term vision, Jetwave needed a top-to-bottom approach to reorganizing, one that catered to their big picture goals, while also improving communication and accountability on a day-to-day basis.

To revamp their organizational strategy, Audira developed a six-month, comprehensive program that included everything from 1:1 coaching to company-wide workshops. This holistic approach allowed Audira to focus its services at three different tiers: the overall organization, the departmental level, and the individual leader. This three-pronged approach enabled Audira to not just enhance communication and responsibility at a granular level, but to cultivate a culture aligned with the company’s overall vision, values and objectives.

Jetwave Wireless emerged from the program with enhanced strategic clarity, specifically in its departmental roles and company structure. It’s employees felt more ownership in their work and more engaged in their roles.

  • Rapidly scaling tech company experiencing growing pains
  • Unclear long-term strategic direction
  • Understanding areas of ownership, levels of engagement, and organizational restructuring
  • Six-month, comprehensive program spanning 1:1 coaching to company-wide workshops
  • Holistic approach focusing on three levels of company hierarchy
  • Aligning big picture vision and values with day-to-day individual coaching
  • Enhanced strategic clarity at all levels
  • Improved departmental organization and company structure
  • Reinvigorated workforce that was more accountable and engaged

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