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As business environments get more complex — more global, more cross-generational, more disruptive — we all need to raise our game. But ask yourself this: What’s your team’s anthem? Do you all share the same vision, values, and mission?

Listen closely, and you’ll make everyone better
Audira helps you unlock effective leadership strategies by fostering a culture of listening. Creating alignment, cultivating true collaboration, and being accountable to the team starts with learning to talk less and really tune in to your customers, your partners, and each other.

The next disruptive innovation is waiting to be written
Let’s face it. No one can hear you if all you do is talk. We will help you listen to your customers and your teammates — to what is being said and not said. Together, we can identify, practice, and apply new approaches to delivering chart-topping team performances that reveal new creative thinking while dialing up moral, culture, and productivity.

Our team leadership workshops are fully customizable to address your particular needs and your organization’s style. From traditional workshops to the fully immersive experiential Audira Labs, we deliver tailor-made programs as unique as our clients.

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For those who want a more traditional approach, we offer workshops with a ten-point curriculum to help teams tackle some of the most pressing issues they face today: alignment, collaboration, accountability, and adaptability. Let us customize something that will inspire and transform your team.

Audira Labs

Drawing on the principles of music and the fundamentals of leadership, Audira Labs enables leaders and teams to reach new levels of performance through highly experiential exercises that inspire collaboration, cultivate team alignment, and supercharge productivity.

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Our team participated in feedback training with Stephen. He created an environment of trust and safety with facilitated interactive learnings that brought the entire session to a relatable level. He also defined clear, turnkey action steps for us to immediately use with our team members. We left the training feeling invigorated, well prepared with feedback tools, and even closer as an overall team.

Jennifer PingMarketing Director, Barilla US

Case Study: Leadership Workshop

Jennifer Ping

Even the most successful companies in the world struggle with leadership challenges. Barilla, a marquee brand in the consumer packaged goods sector, realized their marketing team was plagued by a peculiar workplace issue: they were too polite.

While it doesn’t sound like the worst problem to have in the office, it was causing major setbacks. Hamstrung by their own politeness, Barilla’s marketing team struggled to give each other candid and constructive feedback. It wasn’t just a detriment for the department’s projects—it was impeding their team’s personal growth as well.

When the team approached Audira for help, it was clear they didn’t just need to learn a few tips and tricks for providing more straightforward, honest criticism. They needed better communication on all fronts, as well as more open collaboration, if they wanted to improve their business outcomes.

This took shape in the form of a single, intensive day-long workshop. Over the course of eight hours, Audira taught the Barilla team fundamental techniques in difficult communication, which they then practiced through role play. Other activities included strengthening active listening, aligning on a common language and having more ‘courageous conversations’, all while using real-life examples they encountered in the workplace.

The team left the workshop energized and eager to use the new tools Audira equipped them with in their day-to-day roles. The team had forged stronger relationships built on trust and open communication—and the marketing team’s yearly performance reflected it.

  • Barilla’s Marketing team struggled with giving candid feedback
  • Group pattern trended towards politeness, rather than honesty
  • Lack of constructive criticism hurting team’s projects and growth
  • Immersive, day-long leadership and communication workshop
  • Education and practice of active listening and radical candidness through role playing & real-life examples
  • Implementation of these principles in day-to-day work environment
  • More open, honest communication and stronger workplace relationships
  • Increased performance across department
  • A re-energized, rejuvenated team that was more engaged in the workplace

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