It is with great excitement that I announce my newest venture and my very own professional baby, Audira, an executive coaching, corporate strategy, and facilitation consultancy founded by… me!

For those of you who have worked with me, you know that my greatest joy has always been supporting incredible and diverse people in order to help them achieve their goals. This includes professional growth goals, team objectives, as well as larger corporate initiatives. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping people define their “why” and assisting them in drawing their arrow for “what” & “how” to get there.

As I began to think about embarking on this business, the marketer and corporate strategy guy in me spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I could bring to the table that was a different or special approach to professional goal-setting. Quickly, I realized the answer had to be my foundation for my own successes as both an executive and a mentor. That foundation and starting point is deep, active, and open-minded listening. And since it always starts with listening, “Audira,” a variation on the Latin word for “listen,” seemed the perfect name for my new company.

But being a good listener is not all that is needed to be successful in this line of work. As a result, since deciding to embark on this new venture, I have completed a great deal of research and coursework in executive coaching. This training adds to my existing experience as a marketing executive, corporate strategist, and my MBA from the University of Chicago. This mix is unusual for many in this line of work and provides individuals and companies with a bench strength few others in this industry can offer.

So, that is my news! I sincerely hope that if you or your company have any need for a coach, a strategist or a facilitator, you will give me a ring or send me a referral. As I build my client base, I will have some special rates for the first three months.

If you are not ready to talk business and you are reading this on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or on email, please do me a solid and SHARE my news! And of course, I would love to hear yours.

Stephen Kohler, Founder
Audira, LLC