Walgreens Listening Sessions Enable Employees to be Heard

As an organization focused on the transformative power of listening, Audira was honored to be asked to moderate virtual forum sessions for Walgreens on the topic of social justice and equality.

Sarah Monroe, Category Manager from Walgreens had this to say about the sessions:

“The recent tragic events led to the largest global equality movement in our history. People are tired of the status quo that allows for racial inequality to continue. For those of us that are working full-time, there was a growing need for a ‘safe place to talk.’

A few of my colleagues and I decided to hold ‘listening forums.’ These were designed to guide thoughtful, intentional discussion around the racial equality movement. The forums would allow team members to quote openly the emotions they were experiencing, perhaps personal encounters with racism, and to speak to desired actions/improvements sought in the community and workplace. Stephen Kohler, the CEO and Founder of Audira Labs, was our chosen moderator for these sessions.

It was important to our group to have an outside, neutral party to lead these discussions, and one who is properly trained in crucial conversations and de-escalation. We knew going into the discussion forums that this is an extremely sensitive subject and team members may have anxiety speaking openly about racism. Stephen did a fabulous job. He expertly lead these sessions where all team members had opportunities to share, reflect and listen. At the conclusion of each session, colleagues often reported feeling inspired and motivated to collaborate on ways to make an even more inclusive work environment.

I highly recommend Stephen Kohler to any organization that wishes to lead similar discussion forums for their team members. How many companies can say today that their employees, in lieu of all that has transpired, are fully engaged and inspired to work together in creating a better work community? This is a reality for my company, thanks to all of Stephen’s leadership and guidance.”

Stephen Kohler is CEO & Founder of Audira Labs, a leader in executive coaching & leadership development. Audira empowers Leaders, Teams and Organizations to become better listeners, enabling unleashed leadership potential and maximizing fulfillment.