Become comfortable with discomfort and uncertainty

The past 6 months have created unprecedented uncertainty and discomfort for all of us. Join Audira Labs LLC and Phoenix Gould for an experiential leadership workshop integrating music & movement to learn how to create from discomfort.

Tuesday, July 28 at 1 pm ET.

About this Event
Navigating through discomfort is one of the major abilities of a truly confident leader. But how do we even start to develop this elusive, yet essential quality?

Being in truly uncomfortable situations scares us. In an attempt to no longer feel this way, we take short cuts to “fix” the problem. When we do so, we are choosing to be manipulated by fear. Our stake then changes from “finding the best and innovative solution” to “stopping the discomfort.”

In this workshop we will first become aware of our patterns in response to discomfort, and then learn how to use it for innovation instead of running away from it.

Using the lenses of music and movement, we will lead you through an experiential discovery of tools that will allow you stay focused on your true stake, while using uncomfortable situations for all they have to offer, to the benefit of all. No prior experience with music or movement is needed.

About the Co-Facilitators
Phoenix Gould is a certified professional co-active coach and founder of PhoenixWay. As an ex-professional dancer (New York, Montreal), and movement teacher she has extensive knowledge of radical embodiment, improvisation, and presentation. Her experience of personal transformation over the past 25 years inspired her to develop programs which facilitate true resiliency. She is passionate about enabling leaders to step into all of who they are, and to facilitate the development of true confidence which comes from the experience and knowledge that every situation is an opportunity to create and grow from.

Stephen Kohler, certified professional co-active leadership coach and founder & CEO of Audira Labs, brings passion for people along with 25 years of extensive corporate experience within organizations ranging from startup to Fortune 100, across multiple industries. He loves helping to enable leaders, teams and organizations to grow through the power of listening.

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Stephen Kohler is CEO & Founder of Audira Labs, a leader in executive coaching & leadership development. Audira empowers Leaders, Teams and Organizations to become better listeners, enabling unleashed leadership potential and maximizing fulfillment.