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‘Cats Career Chat Positioning for Success Webinar

As we continue to transition into the “new normal” due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, leaders pursuing career transitions must find new ways to position themselves as agile and adaptive. Now more than ever, employers are seeking candidates who demonstrate transferrable skills and are able to both “reskill” and “upskill.”

In this interactive ’Cats Career Chat, certified executive leadership coach Stephen Kohler ’94, will present practical ways to position yourself for our new context leveraging LinkedIn, professional networking, and other platforms. Click here to watch “Positioning for Success”.

Interview Masterclass

As a candidate in an interview, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the power of questions that you ask to the potential employer. Not only does this support your own decision-making process relative to the industry, organization, and role, it also helps to differentiate yourself as a candidate to the company or organization. Leveraging active listening skills and asking insightful questions during the interview helps to demonstrate your level of intellectual curiosity, preparation, and passion.

In this engaging ’Cats Career Chat, executive and career coach, Stephen Kohler ’94, will discuss the five key “do’s and don’ts” of leveraging Interview Questions for maximum impact in your next interview. Click here to watch “Interview Masterclass.”

Stephen Kohler is CEO & Founder of Audira Labs, a leader in executive coaching & leadership development. Audira empowers Leaders, Teams and Organizations to become better listeners, enabling unleashed leadership potential and maximizing fulfillment.