What Can Musical Jam Sessions Teach MBA Students about Leadership?

“I’ve been using performance metaphors in my teaching for many years,” said Harry Davis, University of Chicago’s Rachel M. Goetz Distinguished Service Professor of Creative Management. “The idea for the Leadership Studio was to bring them all together into a single experience. I knew this would have to be a highly experiential class—there’s only so much you can learn conceptually before you just need to try it for yourself. That’s true for acting, dancing, and playing an instrument, as well as for being an effective leader.”

Audira’s CEO and University of Chicago’s Booth Business School alum, Stephen Kohler, was honored to be a part of this very special program which translated leadership into performance art. Read on to learn more about the components of the Leadership Studio class and contact us if you want to hear more about how Audira could design a music-based leadership program for you.

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Stephen Kohler is CEO & Founder of Audira Labs, a leader in executive coaching & leadership development. Audira empowers Leaders, Teams and Organizations to become better listeners, enabling unleashed leadership potential and maximizing fulfillment.