As Leadership Development Demand Increases, Audira Delivers

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Audira Labs Poised for Successful 2021 & Beyond as Demand for Leadership Coaching Skyrockets Amid Workplace Changes

Brand that Blends Leadership Development & Music Continues to Book Out Highly Sought-After Experiential Sessions;
Unveils Strategy for Sharing Expertise via New Platforms for Businesses in Need

CHICAGOAudira Labs, LLC, trailblazers of music-infused leadership development workshops, executive coaching, and speaking engagements is experiencing rapid growth as corporate leadership training becomes less of a want and more of a need for organizations across the nation. With demand for leadership coaching continuing to surge, Audira Labs added big name brands to its client list during the first half of this year. Walgreens, Miele, Rust-Oleum, and W.E. O’Neil Construction are some of the companies where Audira has helped both executives and their teams navigate the new normal of work and the new demands upon leadership.

Still reeling from recent pandemic-related workplace changes and debates over remote work, corporations are beginning to see Americans leaving their jobs at an incredible rate in what is being referred to as the “Great Resignation.” Chicago-based Audira Labs is working to combat this, helping organizations and their teams find harmony in the workplace via a unique blend of innovative coaching techniques and music-based exercises to facilitate active listening, improve team cultures, and strengthen leadership skills. 

“With the explosion in the number of employees working remotely, this shift to recognizing and prioritizing leadership development has been a long time coming,” explained Stephen Kohler, CEO and Founder of Audira Labs. “In order to combat the downsides of being remote and the challenges of bringing teams back together, companies are looking for more innovative and engaging training that helps their people learn, practice, and apply fundamental leadership principles and have them stick. When developing Audira’s curriculum, I wanted to ensure that our services were nothing like some of the dry training sessions that I had sat through. Instead, I turned to my own experience as both a corporate executive and a lifelong musician for inspiration, and the parallels between solid leadership and playing music became so clear, I couldn’t ignore them. Music is the perfect connective tissue to discuss all the hot button issues we face at work – everything from listening and role clarity to collaboration and accountability.”

These music-based leadership lessons are something that Audira felt compelled to share with those who were struggling as they work from home and need a little inspiration. Debuted in 2021, Audira Listening Sessions are videos/podcasts meant to be leadership jam sessions – authentic conversations with authentic leaders. Throughout the video/podcast series, Kohler interviews leaders from all industries and walks of life to learn more about their leadership style, journey, and what role music and listening may have played in it. Recent guests have included: Larissa Chaikowsky COO at BMO Financial Group, Ameet Mallik, CEO of Rafael Holdings, a pharma company that develops cancer therapies; Audra Wilson, CEO of the Shriver Center on Poverty Law; Jeremy Gershfeld, Director of Culture and Learning at goodcounsel; and former competitor on “The Voice,” and Regional Director of Guitars Over Guns, Andrew DeMuro. The Listening Sessions capture and showcase the meaning of leadership from all different perspectives. Future episodes will include Laila Tarraf, Chief People Officer at Allbirds, and Chris Schyvinck, CEO of Shure Inc.   

In addition to Audira’s Listening Sessions, CEO & Founder Stephen Kohler will be making his expertise more widely accessible through Kohler was recently invited to join the Forbes Business Council, in order to share insights with business leaders as workplaces continue to change quickly. 

In yet another effort to help business leaders and executives have impactful conversations with their teams, the company is rolling out a new free survey tool called the Cultural Listening Meter. Designed to help corporate leaders hear from their employees and benchmark key cultural indicators such as creativity, collaboration, productivity, retention and more, this free survey is customized to gauge current workplace environment and attitudes.

About Audira Labs

Launched in 2019, Audira Labs is based in Chicago and specializes in empowering leaders, teams and entire organizations to achieve their vision through transformative one-on-one executive coaching, experiential team leadership development, and impactful speaking engagements. By blending music into individualized coaching sessions, team-building workshops, strategic organizational planning, and speaking events, Audira Labs helps leaders and their teams better listen and collaborate, leading to increased productivity and overall healthier workplace environments. For more information on Audira Labs and its services, visit